24 april 2011

Mac Quite Cute Collection...Just in time for spring

I tried to avoid this collection, as i was afraid i would buy too much. But there was no way to avoid it, because there is a Mac counter right in front of me at work. Also, i had to buy a new MSF and brush cleanser, so i took a look:

Collection looks:

Ladies, it's suuuuuuch a cute collection! One of my favs from Mac.

Think of soft pastel colours, Hello kitty, cotton candy, it's just a girly , cute and sweet collection.

It's inspired by the colorful ''Harajuki'' girls from Japan. I might maybe get one of the the mineralize blushes with the cute heart baked right in the center. The lipsticks are also nice, and they are long lasting.

Overall it looks nice, but i dont't think i would use such colours, as i prefer natural earthy shades.

Also i came across this Mac quite cute pinball game on facebook. Mac cosmetics has developed a virtual pinball application for their Facebook page fot their launch of this collection. Great when you're bored and you can invite friends too!
Wanna play? Hurry on and visit maccosmetics.com

For swatches and reviews of the collection, i'm sure there's a lot of that on the net/other beauty bloggers, i myself didn't have time to make swatches. Still hope you liked my post. Thats's all for today, have a nice weekend,

ciao ciao

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