10 april 2013

Best remedy for coughs : Apple juice and Vicks Vapor Rub

Today i want to share two really good remedies with you for coughs. My son had this cough wich wasn't going over, i tried cough sirops, lemon with honey, tea, nothing helped. Till i saw a message from a mom on a dutch forum, who had the same problem. Her doctor, who was Pakistani from origin told her that she should try pure Apple juice, so i tried it on my one year old son and i was REALLY amazed, i gave him pure apple juice three times a day, i skipped the  milk, couse milk makes things worse when having a cough or flu.. and after a day or two the cough finally went away! Make sure you use pure apple juice wihout additives, or best is to make it yourself...and now the second remedy:

Rub Vicks Vapor Rub all  your babies or your own feet and put socks over it.  You will immediately see the calming effect and there will barely be any cough. I agree the strong smell can be annoying and your feet will be greasy, but this is really a good treatment.

 These where my tips, wich i personally tried and i think they are better than cough sirops or other medicines, I hope it will work for you too, do let me know if it did, that's all for now, stay healthy,


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